Leaders Camp

October 15-16, 2022

Stop doubting yourself, your leadership, or your business.
Stop binging on self-help books or leadership courses.

End the cycle of hiring, then firing, then wondering: What went wrong?
Take that nth “motivational speaker” or “another expensive team outing” out of your budget. (unless you really want to have them. 🤓)

And instead –

Inspire yourself and your Team to do purposeful, fulfilling work EVERY DAMN DAY using simple, repeatable leadership frameworks.


We’re having an intimate event at one of the most popular tourist destinations near Metro Manila – Tagaytay.

October 15 and 16 | Saturday and Sunday

8:00 am to 7:00pm on Saturday
8:00 am to 12:00nn on Sunday

Royale Parc Hotel, Tagaytay

What’s included?

  • Overnight Hotel accommodations
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Day 1
  • Breakfast on Day 2
  • Networking Night with Cocktails

What’ll we learn?

We’ll cover: 

✅   How to clear negative experiences – so your mind is full of inspiration and ideas, *WITHOUT* the emotional baggage

✅  Easiest reframing tips for anyone – quick and easy ways to spot and redirect any beliefs that are holding you back (So simple, even a 10 year old can do these!)

✅  Your Mental Power Switches – so you can instantly change from “heavy” to “hero” at will

✅  Your Team’s North Star – a common purpose that will keep you inspired and looking in the same direction – even if you’re living in different countries

✅  Simple Dialogues to align and calibrate with your Team – you’ll define roles and boundaries that allow you to perform more and micromanage less

✅  The 7-Step Feedback Framework to reinforce helpful behavior, and correct unhelpful behavior – without the awkwardness (never dread 1-on-1 meetings again!)

✅  Your unique personal communication strengths, so you know your best tools to build relationships (while staying true to yourself!)

✅  Quick Hacks to identify the personality profile of a Team Member in 3 minutes or less – so you know the most effective way to build rapport with them (and you avoid what they hate to hear)

✅  Key Phrases to have useful, fruitful talks with each communication profile – so you so you can turn conversations into results


Coach Jalvi Valdes
The Better Happy

Coach Rommel Isla
The Savage Closer

Coach Rochelle Doyaoen
Leadership Communications Coach

Coach Jalvi Valdes
The Better Happy

I am Jalvi Valdes. I’m a Happiness Educator and Head Happiness Coach at The Better Happy

I’ve been giving talks and facilitating discussions for 25 years. 

I’m passionate about learning and have earned international certifications in Soft Skills, including Management, Communications, and Teamwork.

It is my firm belief that everything is better when we are happy, especially during these unique times. I’ve personally been through phases of extreme unhappiness, from the depression from serious illness and death in the family, to the stress of managing business (and failing some of them.) Now I use my skill in training and research to help educate people how to be happier at work and in their personal lives – through Happiness Workshops, Retreats, and Team Building. 

Aside from being a Certified Happiness Coach, I have immersed myself in some of the world’s best evidence-based literature on happiness and well-being.

I’m a full-time father to four children. In my free time, I like reading, computer gaming, and cooking.

I am also a certified Leadership Mentor in Toastmasters International, a leading global organization for personal development.

I love working with teams who are serious about their wellbeing and willing to take action to increase their happiness. I’m thrilled to show people that there is a better way!

Coach Rommel Isla
The Savage Closer

I’m Rommel Isla. You may know me as the Savage Closer

I’m an internationally certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist.  I’ve helped dozens of clients get over their limiting beliefs, traumas and phobias.

I graduated Cum Laude in BS Marine Transportation and spent weeks at sea! Eventually I decided to go the route where I could make a bigger impact: business, coaching & training.

I started conversation design when my father got a severe stroke wayback 2018. My Papa lost his confidence and sense of meaning in life. Wanting to help Papa get back on his feet and believe in himself again, I studied Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming solely for that purpose.

Driven by curiosity & fascination, I take pride in designing the best conversations – both internally to empower the self and add confidence; and externally for better communication, sales, negotiation, and (ethical) persuasion.

I founded SavageCloser Consulting as a closing strategist and tactician, helping agency owners close up to 7 figures worth of deals.

I also founded the Savage Closer’s Lounge with almost 2,000 members and taught more than 400 students in my sales closing course.

As a coach, my goal is to help leaders like you unleash your potential, unlock your capabilities and be more grounded and confident in yourself so you can lead your team better!

Coach Rochelle Doyaoen
Leadership Communications Coach

I’m Rochelle Doyaoen! I’m passionate about anything to do with Communications. I’m a Leadership Communications Coach, with my Communications Degree from Saint Louis University where I was an editorial board member of the university publication. I even attended an International Journalism Seminar in Singapore, mingling with the likes of BBC, Rico Hizon, Dow Jones, MediaCorp, The Straits Times, and more.

I’m also a real estate Transaction Coordinator and Inside Sales Agent with sales training from the top Real Estate Sales coaches in the US: Grant Cardone and Craig Proctor. 

I specialize in DISC Communication Profiles. I received my first DISC training with one of the top brokerages in Maryland and upon learning this, have used it to create my specialized sales tactics using DISC profiling techniques – which resulted in increased revenues and sales for my partner companies in the real estate and hospitality industries. 

In 2020, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – my Doctor said I should have been in therapy since high school. Wondering where my communication confidence comes from, I realized it was from learning my own DISC Profile and being mindful to communicate using my strengths with everyone around me. I’m actually more confident and communicative than most people! 

This year, I’ve had a number of requests from people I’ve helped with my profiling method. I’m now leveling up my personality profiling from Sales to Leadership – teaching communications profiling and calibration for leadership conversations.

As a coach, my goal is to help leaders and individuals create a culture of open strategic communication that brings about genuine relationships for Teams to  work together for a shared vision – and goals that each member fully understands and upholds on a daily basis.

What are the Camp Fees?

P20,000 Regular Rate

*Rate For Decisive Leaders, limited slots until September 23

Regular Rate P25,000

Sorry, registration is over

Do Decisive Leaders Get Any Bonuses?

Our Early Bird Bonuses are not available anymore. 


Don’t worry, we may have another surprise or two in store for you on the event day!

Yes!  If you pay for your slot on or before 10:00pm on September 23 – 

You’ll get these exclusive EARLY BIRD BONUSES for Decisive Leaders.

🐤  Conversation Hacks: Language Patterns that help you handle client or employee objections without breaking rapport

Value: P5,000

🐤  The “Basag Bundle”: 3 NLP Exercises you can use on the spot to smash your anxiety, doubts, and fears – instant confidence boost!

Value: P5,000

🐤  The Better Happy Vision-Mission Worksheet:  Guide questions to get crystal clear on what you want for your business and your Team, taken straight from the P50,000 Align Corporate Workshop. Start crafting your Vision-Mission-Values, or refining your existing ones, for maximum inspiration!

Value: P7,500

🐤  The Happiest Business Plan: Make a simple, meaningful, and exciting Plan for your Business – in one hour or less (can be used for Quarterly and Annual Reviews!) All areas covered. This is an award-winning format which won in a national business planning competition – powered up with Happiness Science. 

Value: P12,000

🐤  THE BUDOL BAG aka Communication & Collaboration Kit: Key phrases and dialogue styles when talking to potential partners (business partners, long term clients, suppliers) to make THEM feel happy and excited to work with you. Can be applied to any language! (Sige lang i-Taglish mo!)

Value: P5,000


What are the Camp Fees?

P20,000 Regular Rate

*Rate For Decisive Leaders, limited slots until September 23

Regular Rate P25,000

Sorry, registration is over