Are you a professional, entrepreneur, or freelancer who feels lost and demotivated?

Discover the Two-Ingredient HIGH-PERFORMER Formula to Stay Inspired, Motivated, and Productive—all while becoming a happier YOU

… every single day.

I’m giving you my easy-to-use “Happiness Framework” that supercharges you to work on your career, parenting, or fitness goals with excitement (yes, despite life’s many problems 😅)

“Last year, gusto ko na lang di magising para wala na 'kong problem.

Pero dahil sayo Coach Jalvi, natuto akong mangarap.

Nagkagoal ako sa buhay at nainspire na mabuhay ng tunay na buhay!"
— Dave

Does This Sound Like You?

Because of These, You Might Be Telling Yourself Right Now…

“No. I can’t do it.”

You look at a task on your to-do list, and you feel a sinking feeling in your stomach. Instead of even attempting, you move on to something easier, leaving the task undone.

“What if I fail again? Ayoko na ng ganun.”

You remember the last time you tried something and it didn’t work out. This memory prevents you from taking action now, even if the situation has changed.

“I keep on trying but this gives me the same result, I give up.”

You make an effort to solve a problem but keep hitting a wall. Eventually, you stop trying altogether, accepting that it’s something you can’t change.

“Wag nalang. Di ko kaya yan”

You’re offered an opportunity, but instead of embracing it, you decline because you think you’re not capable or it’s not within your skill set.

“Wala eh, malas talaga ako.”

Something doesn’t go your way, and you immediately attribute it to bad luck rather than considering other factors or possible solutions.

“Hindi siguro ako para dito.”

Faced with challenges in your job or relationship, instead of trying to work through them, you question whether you even belong in that role or relationship in the first place.

“Paulit ulit nalang akong ganito. Nakakapagod.”

You notice recurring patterns of behavior or situations in your life that frustrate you but feel too overwhelmed to break the cycle.

“Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko.”

You’re confronted with a problem, and instead of seeking advice or attempting to solve it, you feel paralyzed and do nothing.

Lost, Stuck, and Defeated. I get it.

But it’s not your fault!

If achieving lifelong happiness was properly taught to us by society, we’d be extremely happily successful by now with all our goals achieved (sarap sana diba?)

Sadly, that’s not the kind of world we live in. Sayang.

Alam niyo ako, I’ve discovered multiple scientific studies and achieved a happy, balanced life, yes…

But I, too, used to feel demotivated and unhappy.

Back in 2015, one of my businesses failed while a very dear family member was diagnosed with a critical illness. 

Those were the days when I couldn’t sleep because of worry. Dami kong iniisip.

At the same time, ayoko nalang rin gumising nun.

That’s where the science of happiness – the TWO SIMPLE INGREDIENTS – came into my life.

(I know it might sound cheesy, but it really started to work)

Now I wake up most mornings inspired and excited to work on the rest of my dreams 

like bringing my kids to Disneyland—kasi majority ng ibang goals ko natupad na!

I want to give you this framework because it has changed my life.

If you want to learn the high-performing way of happily working on your goals, this is for you.

(And if you want to help me bring my kids to Disneyland one day, this is also for you! LOL)

Join The Science of Happy Workshop!

In this EXPERIENTIAL workshop, you’ll learn my easy-to-use “Daily Happiness Frameworks” that will supercharge you to work on your career, parenting, or fitness goals with excitement
(yes, despite life’s many problems 😅)

Effect? May gana ka na ulit to pursue your goals… high-performing achiever but this time, as a happier and inspired YOU.

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

🤯 Happiness Mythbusting (What Really Matters)

✅ Uncover the deeper truths and bust even more happiness myths, so you avoid toxic positivity and have the genuine, sustainable kind

❤️‍🔥 The Two-Ingredient Happiness Formula


✅ Discover the Two-Ingredient Formula for Happiness to immediately start each day inspired AND end each day fulfilled… for real!

Harness the power of the brain so that you’re naturally wired to be satisfied, excited, and fulfilled in your life – no effort needed

Learn my quick and easy way to do a Self-Happiness Check –know exactly what you need for your happiness at any point in time (based on science ha, not feelings!)

Turn your “pangarap ko lang naman yun” into reality through the power of my scientifically proven visualization technique—so you can fuel your motivation on demand.

Apply this single most effective 2-minute practice that will boost your mood every. single. day… guaranteed.

🎁 Exclusive Bonus Takeaways For Maximum Impact

How to do a “mindset troubleshoot” and uncover the 2 hidden blocks that can sneakily SABOTAGE your happiness.

The Super-Hack that costs P50 or less… guaranteeing your daily emotional boosts – suuuuper simple, no guesswork needed

The Same Framework that Helped These People Feel Inspired Towards Their Goals…

“It’s LIFE-CHANGING. For the past few years, I have been melancholic — always serious, most of the time sad, and easily irritated. It was a result of… hormones and anxiety from pregnancy and life changes I went through.

I’m reminded me how to be happy once again. I committed to my happiness routine every daymy life shifted 180 degrees.

— Joan G

“Last year depressed ako… (Last year) gusto ko na lang di magising
para wala na ako problem, magkakapera pa maiiwan kasi insured naman ako.

(Ngayon)… natuto akong mangarap. Nagkagoal ako sa buhay at na-inspire na mabuhay ng tunay na buhay.” 

Dave C

“My time management and task priorities are my struggles. 

Now, I have clarity on how to prioritize my time and my goals in life. 

This workshop is full of learning and very related to my struggles in my freelancing career. Nakaka happy siya!” 


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